Konica Bizhub C364E Error Code 02.14


Konica Bizhub C364E Error Code 02.14

You may come across the above error code after paper has been topped up in the MFD's.   Follow these simple steps below to clear the error message.

  1. Open the problematic tray
  2. Remove all paper from the tray

  1. Leave the tray open
  2. Turn the MFD off at the mains
  3. Load the paper into the tray again
  4. Turn the MFD back on
  5. Close the tray
  6. Open and close both the toner and waste covers


If the above doesn't work try following this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFORdXas54M

Still no joy, then contact Konica on 01623 522103 with the MFD serial number to report the problem.

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