Change the time zone in Outlook web app (Webmail)



The 'sent' times on emails are incorrect and / or the dates set on appointments and received in the Outlook Web App don't correspond to the dates in the Outlook desktop client.



If the time zone was not set when first logging into the Outlook Web app (Webmail) then it may have defaulted to the incorrect time zone.



To change the time zone, follow the steps below.

1. Access the Outlook Web app by going to;

2. Log in by using your username and you staff login password;

3. When in Outlook, click the settings button;

4. Click Mail;



5. Expand the General menu and click Region and time zone;


6. Ensure the Date format and Time format are set correctly;

7. Ensure the time zone is set to (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, London;

8. Click Save at the top of the page.







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