Panopto: Create a webcast URL in advance


Create a webcast URL in advance

Sometimes it is useful to set up a pre-made webcast link before you make a recording, to send this link to participants ahead of time.

1.    Open your browser and go to

2.    On the home screen, you will need to sign-in. Select “Sign in using Course Resources” and enter your University username and password.

3.    Click on View Sessions to enter the server.

4.    Click on the folder to which you would like to save your recording.

5.    Click the New button.

6.    Choose a session name.

7.    Tick Webcast Session.

8.    Click the Submit button. You will be transferred to a window displaying the link (also the webcast link) to the course and other useful information.

9.    Go to the Share tab to email this link to viewers. You can add this link to study material in Course Resources.

It is recommended that you make this link open in a new window to ensure that the viewers can see the entire screen properly.

These options can also be accessed via the Settings cog wheel if you want to edit them later.

10.    Your recording will now be listed on the server as an open (empty) session, represented by a hollow circle.

11.    When you are ready to make you recording locate the open (empty) session you created using the steps above and click Record to this session on the right hand side of the folder name to begin your webcast.


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