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Panopto Launcher software is installed only on select classroom computers, integrated with University Lecture Recording Ready Rooms. See the Learning Enhancement Site for a list of rooms across each site.

However you may also wish to install the Panopto Launcher on a University Workstation or other devices as detailed below.

University Workstation

To install Panopto Launcher from any University Workstation simply click on the UoD Software Icon on your desktop and select Panopto from the install list.

The software will download and install on your desktop automatically in the background and the Panopto icon will appear on your desktop.



Mobile Device

Android tablet and phone users you can download the app via the Google Play App Store.

For Kindle Fire users, go to the Amazon App Store

For iOS users, go to the Apple App Store.  Just search for Panopto and click install.

1.    On your tablet or phone click the Panopto App icon.

2.    You will be prompted to log in. Type your Panopto server URL:

3.    Now you will be asked for your username and password. Please enter your university credentials

4.    Click Sign In.



Personal Computer

To install Panopto Launcher on your personal computer you must first download the software:

1.    Open your browser and go to

2.    On the home screen, you will need to sign-in. Select “Sign in using Course Resources” and enter your University username and password.

3.    At the top right of the screen just under your name, click on the “Download Panopto” link. Save the file to your computer.

4.    Download the installer for your operating system (Mac or Windows)

5.    Run the installer using default options.

6.    Once the install is complete, a Panopto icon will appear on your desktop.





Desktop Sign-in

Note that screen may differ depending on which device is used to launch Panopto. Below is a screenshot of the Windows Launcher.

1.    Connect your audio visual equipment before you open Panopto

2.    Click on the Panopto icon to launch the application.

3.    Select “Sign in with Course Resources” and enter your University username and password.




Course Resources Sign-in

Panopto is heavily integrated with Course Resources and such, Panopto login is automated.

1.    Login to Course Resources

2.    Navigate to the desired Course or Programme and Edit

3.    Provision if necessary (see section on Provisioning)

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