Transport Bookings Department Codes Update



The list of department codes is accessed from the transport booking (InfoPath) form.

As required, finance will raise a Zendesk request to update the department codes list.

A spreadsheet should be attached to the request.

Open this file – there should be a sheet of codes and contacts like this:



Navigate to the Estates/Transport page in StaffiD Portal at


Click site contents and click the list icon for TransportDepartmentCode



Click to edit this list, delete all items



To delete all items, Highlight about 100 rows at a time and press the delete key. Hold down control key and use mouse whirly wheel to make text smaller and so select more rows in one go.


Select rows of data from the opened spreadsheet (not the header column).

Note the number of data rows.

Paste this data in to the first cell of the SharePoint Datasheet View.

Repeat the process for the next 100 until completed

This may take some time.

When done, click “Stop editing this list”


Maybe just paste in some rows at a time.

Do 100 rows at a time.

Copy from the spreadsheet all but the header row, like this:


Copy into the Sharepoint list by clicking on the DeptID cell and pasting:


The view will automatically update the list. Check back on the site contents list -ensure the record count matches the number of data rows.


Might have to scroll down the page and check it has put an ID number in for all rows. That is very very slow…

To test the update click the “Book transport” link

When the form loads, enter sample values in the Department code field and tab away – the email addresses should be set as per the spreadsheet. If present, a select list of Project code values may also be set.


Goto Book Transport

Enter a Department code that has values in the Project column in the spreadsheet.

Should see those project codes in the project code drop down.