SPSS Help Guides and License server error


Attached are Useful help guides for installing SPSS ( based on version 22 but may help with other versions)


Also, a common error when installing is

>Error # 2070
>The application is unable to communicate properly with the license server.
>The license server may be down, or there may be other network-related
>communication or DNS issues interfering. This command is not executed.
>Execution of this command stops.
>Specific symptom number: 3

End of job: 18 command lines 1 errors 0 warnings 0 CPU seconds


This error message usually means it hasn't connected to the IBM servers properly.

This is error occurs if the network licencing method is selected during the installation.

To resolve this, launch the License Authorization Wizard, from Windows Start menu - All Programs - group for IBM® SPSS® Statistics, and re-enter the licence code using the Authorized user licence option.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the software and re- install it using the attached guides

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