Use Cloudpaging programs off-site


Programs from the 'UOD Software Portal' (cloudpaging) can be used on a university imaged laptop while off site when connected via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Please note, this will not work on your own device at the moment.


If you require the use of VPN, please fill out the form in the link at the bottom of this article*.


To use programs from the UOD software portal off site, please follow the steps below.


1. Connect the university imaged laptop to a safe network connection (this could be your own broadband connection or another organisations network for example);


2. Open the Cisco AnyConnect program to allow connection to the university network via the 'ManagedStaff' VPN connection (see this guide for advise about how to do this (if required));


3. Open the 'UOD software portal' from the desktop (the program works best in Internet Explorer, you may need to make this your default browser);


4. You may see a log in page for 'Software2 Hub', if so enter your usual log in credentials and click Login;





 5.You will be redirected to the cloudpaging site;



6. Allow the UOD software portal to validate;



7. The programs will now be available to run from the Cloudpaging player window.








*VPN Request form:

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