Add licence to SPSS on Windows device


To add a licence to the SPSS software on you device, follow the steps below.


Please see this guide for steps on how to install SPSS 24.


1. Click on the start menu;


2. Find the IBM SPSS Statistics 24 License Authorisation Wizard and right click on it and select Run as administrator (if using Windows 10, select More > Run as administrator).




 3. Select Yes when Windows asks to allow the program to make changes to your device;




4. Once in the Licence wizard, select Next;




5. Select the Authorised user license option and click Next;




6. Enter the licence code provided on the SPSS download page and click Next;




7. SPSS is now licensed.





 8. Click Next > Finish.


 Please go back to the install guide and follow the steps to install the patch.



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