Self Service Password Reset – Registration


To register your account in the new password system, please follow the steps below.


Important: When visiting an official Microsoft website (such as the password change site), a padlock icon will appear in the top left of your internet browser. Please ensure you see the padlock icon (or the word 'secure' (depending on your browser)) before entering your credentials.






Students:Log into Office 365 by clicking the 'Inbox' link in UDo.

Staff: Log into Office 365 by going to the link at the top of the Staff iD site.


You will see the following screen.




Clicking Next will take you to the Self-Service Password Reset registration page.


You will need to register a phone number or email address that you have access to while away from the University campus.


You have 15 minutes to complete registration before being logged out.






The first option is Authentication Phone.


Click Set it up now which will take you to the following screen;




Set country or region, to +44 United Kingdom;

Ideally you would need to enter your mobile phone number, but you can enter your work (or home if you are a student) land-line number if you wish. Type your phone number and verify either via SMS Text Message if mobile or Phone Call if land-line;


If you select Text Me you will receive a verification code that you will need to enter the portal, then select verify;



If you select Call Me you will receive a phone call and need to enter the number that's read out to you into the text box to complete the verification.


Once verification for Authentication Phone is complete you will see the green tick;





The second option is to setup Authentication via Email Address.


Click Set it up now next to Authentication via Email Address is not configured, which will take you to the following page;




Enter an email address into the text box, this would typically be your personal email address that you can access from a Smart Phone or Webmail (not your work / unimail address).


Click email me, you will receive a verification code to the account where your email address is associated;




You then need to type verification code from the email in to the text box and select verify to complete verification;



Once verification for Authentication Email Address is complete you will see the green tick;



 Select Finish to complete SSPR registration;


 You will then be redirected back to Office 365 App you were originally accessing.


To manage your password now you have setup Service Password Reset, please see this guide.





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