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Start adding recorded sessions to Course Resources
Panopto needs to be linked to each Module or Programme that you want to record to. This is called “Provisioning”.

Note that you must be a Tutor to provision a Module or Programme so you may need to liaise with the Module or Programme Leader.

  1. To allow students to view recordings, you must add a “Panopto Video Link” to your study material.

  2. Login to Course Resources and select your Module/Programme. Make sure Edit Mode is ON.

  3. From the Add Interactive Tool menu, select “Panopto Video Link”

  4. You will see a message “Course is not yet provisioned with Panopto”. Click Add to Panopto to continue.  If this messages does not appear, the Module/Programme has already been provisioned and you will be able to Insert Panopto Video’s.

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions. A page will appear with the heading Provisioning results. The last line should read: Successfully provisioned course ID and Name of your course

  6. Your course is now provisioned.




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