Module Copy in Course Resources


The option to perform a Module Copy (Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Module Copy), now provides 3 options for how files will be copied.



Module copy is still one of the main ways of moving content over to newly granulated modules. Basically, for web packages you need to choose any option other than the default; but you only ever want to use the third option once.


  • Copy links to Module Files:  No files are copied.  Content areas that are copied over link back to the source module.  This could be useful for maintaining a set of master files, but could make it difficult to track down the originals.


  • Copy links and copies of the content:  Only files directly linked to from content areas are copied over.  This means that packages (Wimba, Presenter etc.) will not be copied over correctly.  This could be useful for tidying a module, since unused files are left behind.


  • Copy links and copies of the content:  The source module’s entire file directory is copied over to the destination module.  Note, the entire file directory is copied every-time that this operation runs.  If it’s run three times copying different content areas, then you still get three copies of the file directory

Following a Course Resources module copy, Turnitin Submission points will be need to be manually recreated. After the module copy the submission points will all say "Error 204 Class does not exist in Turnitin database for account."

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