Panopto: Record and stream a live Panopto Webcast


Record and stream a live Panopto Webcast

What is a webcast?

Webcasting, also called streaming, is a way to distribute a recording of a class or event over the internet in real-time.

Using streaming media, there is no need to download the content before viewing. All live classes or events can be archived for viewing on-demand anywhere, anytime.

You can also create a webcast link in advance of recording (see instructions to “Create a webcast URL in advance”)

Cast a recording

1.    Open Panopto and click on the Create New Recording Tab.

2.    Setup audio and video sources. You cannot do a live webcast and record PowerPoint without also using screen capture.

3.    Be sure to select an online folder.

4.    Check the Webcast box at the top right.

5.    Click Record.

6.    A webcast link will be produced and displayed at the bottom of the Panopto interface. Click the Copy button and send this copied link to anyone who would like to view the webcast.

7.    Stop the recording when you have completed your capture.



Viewing a Panopto Webcast

Once the webcast begins, and the URL is generated it can be sent to viewers to allow them to watch the broadcast. Pause, rewind and go live feature

  • To enable pause, rewind, fast-forward capabilities, you must have your recorder set to adaptive streaming capture format.

  • Easily seek through a live broadcast to any time by dragging the slider circled.

  • Adjust volume, quality of stream and play speed.



Questions and Notes

During the live broadcast viewers who are logged in can ask questions via the broadcast viewer window.

Furthermore, viewers can also take notes during the broadcast to refer back to at a later time.

The viewer's notes can be accessed on Panopto

Creators can either respond verbally at the time of the question or review the questions after the recording is complete.


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