Setting Up VPN Access on your Personal Computer for Remote Desktop Access


Virtual Private Network or VPN for short is a networking technology allowing seamless connectivity between your personal computer at home and University Network. This will allow you to access network drives and log into your work computer from home via Remote Desktop Connection.


NOTE: This is for Remote Access To A Workstation ONLY.



- Valid Staff Account

- User must be added to the relevant VPN Group through IT Service Desk/ORC before proceeding




1. Visit the following link via your browser


NOTE: Please ensure that you enter adequate link according to the group you are added in, for example: if you are in group staff, you would visit



2. Log in using your traditional staff account credentials


NOTE: If you experience any error messages or unable to log in, record any notes and forward them onto IT Service Centre via the following link or by calling the following number: 01332 591234


3. You will be presented with the following message. Click Continue to enter the VPN Portal





4. On the left side of the page, navigate the menu selection and click on AnyConnect





5. Click Start AnyConnect to initiate installation. Follow the instructions carefully. You will be prompted to install or run various installation screens based on the browser you are using.



6. Once installation has been completed, the following pop up will appear in the right bottom corner of your screen prompting you to enter URL. Enter relevant address into the text box (the address is case sensitive, so please enter exactly as provided). In case VPN launched connected to an address, click on disconnect to enter relevant link and click connect.



NOTE: Use same URL address you have used to access the VPN Portal in the early stage of this procedure. For example, if you are in staff group, your URL address would be the following:



7. Click Connect to initiate connection. You will be prompted to enter your credentials

NOTE: This is the same username and password used in previous instructions



8. If you followed all instructions carefully, you should be now set up with VPN access


You can now take advantage of various services VPN provides, including access to network shared drives and Remote Desktop Connection.


See KB Article: Using Remote Desktop Connection via VPN.




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    Asma Adnane

    Hi, where do I need to do these steps ? on the desktop PC, or on the home PC?

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