How to Set Up Unimail in Windows 8 Mail App



  • Windows 8/8.1 device with Internet Connection
  • Valid Unimail/Student Account



1. Start by launching Windows Mail App, Navigate Start Screen or type in "Mail" while at Start Screen



2. While in Mail, swipe from right to left to reveal Charms Bar and click Settings



3. While in Settings, choose Accounts



4. Any accounts that are added will be listed here. Click on Add an Account



5. Select Exchange from the list of services



6. You will be prompted to enter your Unimail address and password. After entering your credentials, click Show more details. NOTE: Enter your own credentials as the one used in this example are for illustration purposes only



7. The Input window will expand. Enter the following detailsNOTE: Enter your own student ID credentails as the one used in this example are for illustration purposes only



8. NOTE: You may be prompted to Enforce Security Policies on your Windows 8 device before Unimail content can be accessed via your device. If you get prompted, click Enforce...


9. If correct settings and user credentials have been used, your account should appear on the left side of the screen under name Derby or Unimail.


10. To change advanced settings such as Inbox Name or Content to sync, navigate the settings options in Mail by swiping from right to left to reveal the Charms Bar -> Settings > Mail Account




11. You have successfully added Unimail to your Windows 8/8.1 Mail App




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