AV Issues with PCs and Laptops



PC won’t turn on      

If the PC has been left on by the previous user, pressing the power button shuts down the machine. Check with the user that the PC power light is on.

The power button on some of the PCs does get jammed. This can be released by moving the button and then gently pressing the power button.

PC power light is on but no image on screen

Check that the PC has not gone to sleep by pressing a key on the keyboard.

Get the user to press the PC/Computer button on the Console.

Cannot Login to the PC       

If Network cable unplugged from Wall - Plug back in.

If Number lock On, on keyboard. Press the Numlock key and try again.


Cannot get Image on the Laptop screen

Ensure the user has pressed Laptop on the control Panel.

Laptops sometime need to be changed to allow the external VGA output to work. This is done by pressing the following. In each case these buttons toggle the different viewing options and the user must allow a few seconds when switching modes.

o    Panasonic and NEC (Fn+F3)

o    HP, Sharp and Toshiba (Fn+F5)

o    IBM and Sony (Fn+F7)

o    Dell, +Epson (Fn+F8)

o    Fujitsu (Fn+F10)

o    Apple (F7) also requires adaptor to work in classrooms

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