Blackboard FAQs



Blackboard FAQs

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that supports online learning and teaching through a user friendly web interface.

Blackboard is the application behind Course Resources HE, this can be accessed via UDo and enables students to communicate electronically with tutors and peers, access course materials, assessments and other resources relevant to their studies. Course Resources HE is available for all HE students.

To use Blackboard, please login to Udo.

How do I change my Blackboard modules?

You can change your Blackboard Modules by visiting the following URL:

I use AOL as my Internet Service Provider. Can I use Blackboard in the AOL Browser?

You can access Course Resources by connecting through AOL, minimising the AOL Browser, and opening a recommended browser, such as Internet Explorer.

Additionally, if you're having any problems using a customised or branded browser, which may have been supplied by your Internet Service Provider, please try using a standard browser, such as Internet Explorer to access Blackboard once you have connected.

How do I access Study Materials uploaded by my tutor?

Any Study materials or documents that have been uploaded by your tutor can be accessed from course resources. Once you have logged in, click on the required module link. From here you will be able to access the programme handbook and study materials including lecture notes, assignment briefs and past exams.

How do I use discussion boards in Blackboard?

For help using the discussion boards on blackboard please see guide on blackboard help page.

How do I upload assignments in Blackboard?

For help uploading assignments in blackboard please see guide on our on the blackboard help page.

Where do I get my course resources?

Blackboard is the way your lecturers get information to you, including your course or lecture or module notes.

You can access Blackboard via UDo (University of Derby Online).

Why can't I access Blackboard at work?

This is a problem that is caused by your employer restricting site access via a Firewall, which, unfortunately is beyond our control. We suggest you contact your employers Computing Help desk, or network technician to discuss what options are available.

I have Office 2007, why can't I open PowerPoint files in Blackboard?

If you're running Office 2007 you'll need to: 

Right click on the file link and save the document to your computer and open the file from your saved version. If you're still experiencing problems please contact

There seems to be a problem with my study material in Blackboard?

If you find any broken links or are having trouble accessing a page within your course material then please inform your module tutor.

I am unable to see my Study Materials in Blackboard?

It's up to your lecturer to upload materials, if there are no materials currently available we suggest you contact your lecturer for that particular module.

Why am I unable to see my modules in Blackboard?

There are several reasons as to why you may not be able to see your modules in Blackboard:

  • You may be enrolled on the wrong module.
  • You may be enrolled on the wrong class on the module.
  • You may not be enrolled on any module.
  • For a short period of time after enrolling, the data is still being processed and modules may not immediately appear.

Please note: it takes one working day for enrolments to show in Blackboard. If you're unable to view modules after this period then please contact help desk in learning centre, call 01332 591208 or email

How do I use discussion boards in Blackboard?

For help using the discussion boards on blackboard please see guide on blackboard help page.

When I click on the Course Resources link in UDo nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

The main reason for not being able to access Course Resources is due to the fact that Popups are blocked on your browser.

For Internet Explorer follow the following steps – tool > popup blocker ?> turn off popup blocker.

For Firefox – follow the following steps -  tools > options > content > uncheck box.

I can't access Blackboard through my web browser/ content is not displaying correctly. Am I using the right one?

Course Resources HE fully supports a number of browsers: 

Windows XP & Vista – Internet Explorer Version 6 & 7, Firefox Version 2.0

Mac OS 10.4 – FireFox Version 1.5 & 2.0, Safari Version 2.0

Mac OS 10.5 – Safari Version 2.0

I have some Blackboard modules missing in UDo

Please visit the IT Helpdesk in the Library, Kedleston Road for further investigation.

When I try to access Course Content I can only see the announcements and updates page?

The updates and announcements page is used to alert you to any new information or news that has been uploaded by your tutor. Once you have read the information, you can access your study materials. To remove the announcements page, click on the page slider. This is located on the left hand side of the page, approximately a third of the way down. You should be able to see a grey square with a right facing arrow in it.

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