Shared Calendars in Outlook



Your Outlook calendar can be shared to any member of staff in the organisation. Please ensure this procedure is applied in the Outlook client on a university staff PC.


To grant another member of staff access to a calendar, the following steps can be taken:


1. In Outlook click on Calendar in the bottom left hand side, as shown in the image below:




Note: If your view settings have changed you may see the calendar icon as shown below.




2. Select the calendar you wish to share, right click it and select Share > Calendar Permissions;




3. The Permissions tab (as shown in the image below) is where access to the calendar is controlled;



4. Click on Add. This allows you to select a user from the Outlook Global Address List;

5. Once the user(s) have been selected (hold down ‘Ctrl’ then select other users in the list if you wish to add more than one user), click Add so the name(s) displays in the bottom text field;

6. Click ok. Once the user is added, the appropriate permissions can then be set in the ‘Permissions’ section;

7. Ensure the ‘Folder Visible’ option is selected in the ‘Other’ section of the ‘Permissions’ tab (as shown in the image below).

8. Click ok. The selected users will now be able to add your calendar on their Outlook client.


Sending a Share invitation

Click on the Share Calendar button if you want to sent an invitation

It will open a new email

N.B: you need to press To.. and select the person from the address list ( as shown below) or they won't be able to open your calendar





Adding a shared Calendar


To add a shared calendar that you have been granted access to:

  • Go to the Calendars section in Outlook;
  • Click Open Calendar in the ribbon menu at the top, then select Open Shared Calendar;

  • Enter the name of the member of staff who has granted you access to their calendar (or click Name and select them in the list);
  • Click ok.


The calendar will then be visible under your calendar list.



The ‘Calendar Properties’ window

On the 'Permissions' tab, selecting a username in the top list will show the permissions the user has to your calendar. The 'Default' setting is the permissions for anyone you have not specifically listed in the permissions list (all other staff).



The ‘Read’ section determines how much information is shared with the chosen user. By default this is set to ‘Free / Busy time’ which will allow users to see when your calendar appointments are (and your free time), but details such as location and subject are kept secret.


The ‘Write’ section displays the level of editing the selected user can do with your calendar.


The ‘Delete items’ options allow you to specify which appointments can be deleted by the selected user.


The options listed under ‘Other’ allow you to specify another owner for calendar and which user should be contacted for any alterations (‘Folder Contact’). ‘Folder Visible’ will allow you to toggle if the selected user can see the calendar or not.









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