Recall E-mails in Outlook


Please be aware you can only recall unread internally sent e-mails and not those sent to students or other orgnisations.

To recall an e-mail sent internally please do the following.

  1. Click on your Sent Items in Outlook

  2. Locate the E-mail you wish to recall in your sent Items.

  3. Open the E-mail and click on file in the top right hand corner.
  4. click "Resend or Recall" click "Recall This Message..."
  5. Select delete unread copies of this e-mail click "Ok".
  6.  The E-mail in the sent items will then show "You attempted to recall this e-mail on" followed by date and time.
  7. If the e-mail was successfully recalled you will recieve an e-mail in your inbox with "Message Recall Success"

If you require further assistance we are happy to help.

Kind Regards

Usman Rashid
IT Service Centre
University of Derby
Tel: 01332591234

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