How to Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows on Your PC at Home (For Students)



  • Windows PC with Internet Connection
  • Valid Unimail/Student Account
  • Please note that this is for STUDENTS ONLY


NOTE:  This installation guide has been created using Windows 8.1. All steps apply for Windows 7 as well, however there may be various visual differences throughout the system.





1. Start by launching Internet Explorer or your preferred browser on PC


2. Navigate to UDO and sign in using your University Credentials


3. Access your Unimail and once you are on the Outlook Web App, click the cogwheel to reveal drop down list for more options. From there, choose Office 365 Settings


4. You will be redirected to a page with various settings. On the left side of the page, choose Software



5. On this page, you will see all applications that are currently available to you as a student ofUniversity of Derby

Below the app list should be an Install button. Clicking on the button will initiate a download session of Microsoft Office for Windows 2013 Installer


NOTE: You may wish to use different version of installer. Most modern laptops are 64-bit therefore it would be recommended to use 64-bit. You may click on the link "Which version is right for me?" to assist further.



6. On the bottom of the browser windows a pop up will appear prompting for approval to download the file. Please click "Run" to allow the installer to run after it has been downloaded.



7. Once download has completed, an installer will initiate automatically and start installing Microsoft Office 2013.

NOTE: You may see a prompt to allow installer to run. Please click Allow to start.



8. Shortly, you will see a new window indicating that the installer is getting ready and preparing the files for installation. Click Next to get started.




9. On the next step, you will be prompted to allow Office to update to latest security and features automatically. We advise you always keep your computer up to date to keep it safe from vulnerabilities and malicious attacks. Choose recommended settings and click Accept


10. You will be presented with an introductory video that will guide you through some interesting changes. You may wish to skip the video, should you choose to do so by clicking Next.

11. Next, you will be prompted to sign in to Office. Should you have Microsoft Account already and want to synchronise your files using OneDrive, you can do so, alternatively, you may skip this step by clicking No thanks, maybe later.


12. If you decide to sigh in, you may also use your Unimail ID email address to sign in and utilise your OneDrive account. Once you enter your Unimail address in the following format  You will be re-directed to UDO sign in portal to verify your email.


13. Once you have finished configuring your Sign In account, you will see a progress bar indicating installation of the Microsoft Office 2013 on your computer.


14. You may also notice a small pop up window displayed in above your notification area on the bottom-right corner indicating progress of the installation. 

NOTE: Do not worry if you have accidentally closed it, your installation will continue in the background.


15. While Microsoft Office 2013 applications are being installed, you may already start using some of its programs and features. Simply navigate your programs list and choose what you need to use at current time. Required features will be streamed to your computer on the go.


16. Once the installation has been completed, you can click All Done! to close the installer.


17. You have successfully installed Microsoft Office 2013 on your computer. You may wish to return back to your Office 365 Software status page to check your current installations and remove any unused activations to empty a slot for new installation.


18. Done


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