Recreating an Outlook profile



Note: Recreating your outlook profile will remove connections to shared mailboxes. These can be reconnected once outlook is working.


If Outlook is running close the application.


1. Click start which is depicted by the round Windows icon usually located on the left hand side of your screen.


2. Open Control Panel from your start menu.


3. In the search dialogue box on the right hand side of the screen type 'Mail' and select Mail as highlighted below.


 4. Now click the option for Show Profiles.



5. Select the profile in the list, usually this is named 'Outlook'.




6. Confirm you are sure you want to delete this profile.


 7. Click Apply.


Re-adding an outlook profile


8. Select Add



9. Specify a name for your new outlook profile.



10. The setup wizard should detect your name settings automatically. Click Next


The wizard should detect further configuration settings automatically. If you see a Windows Security box, please enter your own username followed by, and enter your own password. See this guide for more information.


11. Click Finish



Now your Outlook profile has been created try loading the Outlook application.

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