VPN Access on University Managed STAFF ONLY Computers


NOTE: If you are attempting VPN Access On You Personal Computer, please refer to the following guide: Setting Up VPN on a Personal (unmanaged) computer for Remote Desktop Access ONLY.

NOTE: Please note that auditing takes place and that this is only for use on University Supervised/Managed computers. Attempting this set up on your personal (unmanaged) computer will lead to immediate removal of the service for an individual doing so.



- Valid Staff Account

- User must be added to the relevant VPN Group through IT Service Desk/ORC before proceeding (Please raise a request through IT Services)





1. Access to the Cisco AnyConnect Application from the list of your installed programs (on all university supplied managed laptops).


2. In the VPN field, enter the following address: https://uodremote.derby.ac.uk/ManagedStaff



3. Click Connect 


4. You will be prompted to enter your username and password (this is your University Network ID)



5. Click OK - Client will attempt to establish VPN connection



6. You should now be connected to the University network via VPN


7. Once you have completed with accessing the network, you may press Disconnect to return to use of your own network at home.


Contact Details

IT Services - University of Derby
Tel: 01332 591234 Email: itservicecentre@derby.ac.uk

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