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Record a lecture

First open Panopto from the Start Menu or desktop and login. Once the Panopto Launcher has loaded follow these steps.

  1. Select a folder to save your recording

    a. Enter a Title in the Session Name field.

    Choose a storage destination for your recording from your assigned folders by clicking the folder icon in the top right hand corner to locate your available folders. If your Module is not listed you will need to complete provisioning (see relevant section).

    Create a new session (recording) in your destination folder by clicking Add New Session to the right of the folder name.

    d. Note, you can record offline (the recording will be saved on your computer) and select the destination folder after you have created the recording in the Manage Recordings Tab.

  2. Select your Primary Source

    a. Once you have chosen your folder or are just recording offline, you must next select what you would like to record.

    b. You can select a video capture device such as a webcam or video camera. After that, you can also choose what you want to use to record your audio. This could be a microphone or even the same device as your video if it has a built in mic.

    Check to see if the audio is working by making sure the indicator next to the microphone icon is moving when you speak, and adjust the level if necessary.

  3. Screen Capture and PowerPoint (Secondary Source)

    After you have selected your video and audio inputs, you can choose to also capture what is displayed on your screen and/or PowerPoint presentation.

    You can also add an additional video source here if you have more than one camera plugged into your computer.

  4. Starting, Stopping, and Pausing

    a. Once you have everything set, you can begin recording.

    This is done by clicking on the RECORD icon to start everything running. Once your recording has started, that icon will change into PAUSE and STOP.

  5. Recording Status

    Once everything has been recorded and you have stopped your recording, you will be taken to the recording status tab.

    Offline Recordings are recordings that you have not yet picked a folder for, so they are just on your computer.

    c. Currently Uploading will show the video that you just completed and its status.

    d. Uploaded will show the recordings that you have already recorded, picked a folder for, and uploaded to the server.



You can see that it is possible to delete recordings. If they have been uploaded already, you can delete local and the recording will still be located on the server. If you delete a recording that has not yet been uploaded, that recording will be lost.


Do not log out before your new recording moves from Currently Uploading Recordings to the Uploaded Recordings area otherwise you will lose it.






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