Panopto - how to upload a video again


If a video uploads successfully then an email is sent to the user confirm this. However, if there is a problem then an email is not sent. For example, if the computer is turned off before the video fully uploads then there is no notification to the user.

Uploading the video again can sometimes solve a previous failed upload.

To upload a Panopto video again:

1. Use the same computer that the video was recorded on.
Videos are saved into c:\PanoptoRecorder. As long as the computer hasn't been changed then the local video files should still be available.

2. Start Panopto client and click on "Login with Course Resources".
The client might login straight away if the "Remember Me" box was ticked previously.

3. Click on "Recording Status" tab.

4. At this point there are 2 options:

a. if next to the video it says "Upload to Server" then click on that button.

b. otherwise click on "Set Offline" button and then click on "Upload to Server" button.

This will force the computer to upload the video again.
It takes approximately the length of the video to upload and process the video on the server. So a 1 hour video would take 1 hour to upload, process and send a success email.

If no success email is received then please log a call with

Sometimes it is possible to recover a video but often there was no video source in the recording and the recording has to be made again.

It is recommended to make a 2 minutes test video and upload that to check the computer is configured properly.



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