Setting Up Your ID Card For Printing On Leek Photocopiers


At the Leek Campus, the photocopiers have the ability to login using your staff ID card. Before this can happen however, this first needs to be setup. This can be done by following the steps below.

1) Login to the print portal at: using the username and password you use to access the computer system

2) On the left menu, click on

3) Enter a new (or the same) PIN number into the 2 boxes. Ensure that they match.

4) Click on the button to activate your account

5) You will now be shown a message saying your account was activated. It will also show you your username with an extra 3 digits after it (see image for example). This is your one-time temporary login for linking your ID card with your printing account. Remember it.

You can ignore the error about sending email failed.

6) Go to a photocopier and login using the one time login generated and the PIN number you entered

7) Once login has finished, place your ID card onto the red NFC adapter on the side of the copier until you hear an audible BEEP.

Your ID card is now setup and you can now login by swiping your ID card on the NFC reader on any of the photocopiers at the Leek campus.

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