How To Connect to Eduroam on iPad



  • iOS device with Internet Connection
  • Valid University Staff Account


NOTE:  This installation guide has been created using iOS 9 on iPad.  All steps apply regardless the version of iOS Operating System used. However, there may be various visual differences throughout the system.



1. Start by launching Settings on your homescreen:



2. On the left side, choose Wifi from the list of settings:


3. Ensure that Wifi is turned on. iOS Device will search and display various Wireless Networks around the device. Choose Eduroam from the list.



4.You will be prompted to log in using your University Staff ID as demonstrated below:

NOTE: The credentials used in this screenshot are for demonstration purposes only, ensure that you enter your own Staff ID followed by and network password. It is the password that you would use to access your work computer.

Once you had entered your credentials, tap on Join.




5. A new window will slide up prompting you to Trust our Eduroam Certificate. Tap Trust to proceed.



6. After few seconds, you should be connected to Eduroam as shown on the screenshot below: 




Troubleshooting Tips:



- Unable to Connect

In this case, there may be a wireless traffic around your area and many devices are connected. You should keep trying to Join until you are successful.


- Incorrect username or password:

This is more obvious one, meaning that the credentials entered are incorrect. Please ensure that you use valid log in details. If you are not successful, seek assistance from IT Services on campus.



Contact Details

IT Services - University of Derby
Tel: 01332 591234 Email:

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