Outlook on Classroom PCs


The decision has been made not to put Outlook on classroom PCs, with prime reasons being as follows:-

1. Staff accounts are set to cache locally emails for speed of use (as most staff use the same PC each day).
> On classroom PCs this will result in large amounts of data being transferred for each member of staff per machine for each use of outlook.
> This would also result in the drives filling up due to the large number of different staff using these PCs.
> As Students can also use these PCs there is a security risk with multiple cached copies of staff email accounts.

2. Classroom PCs have the Student build which is different build to Staff build and is as a consequence managed differently.
3. Student accounts have no outlook settings and this would result in a management overhead if the student clicks on the outlook icon.

Therefore on Classroom and all Student PCs Staff will need to use Webmail.
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