Check a Word Document for Accessibility Issues


Microsoft Word 2013 includes new accessibility features such as Document Accessibility Check. The Document Accessibility Checker scans Word Documents for accessibility issues. 

Grouped into three categories, these issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Errors:  Content that makes a file difficult or impossible to understand (e.g., Alt Text, Table Headers, IRM Access;)
  • Warnings:  Content in most cases makes a file difficult to understand (e.g., Blank Table Cells, 2D Table Structure, Meaningful Link Text, Objects not Inline, Hyperlink Text, Repeated Characters;)
  • Tips:  Content is accessible but could be better organized (e.g, Captions, Reading Order, Unique Titles.)

Here's a test Word document ready to use the Document Accessibility Checker  


--> Open your Word Document --> Click on the 'File' tab 



 --> From the drop down select 'Check Accessibility'



--> On the right hand side of the Word document you will see the Accessibility results 














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