Adding a Shared Mailbox into Outlook


To gain access to a shared mailbox, you must first request access to it by filling out the request form which can be found here.


To add a shared mailbox into you Outlook client, please follow the steps below.


1. Select File > + Add Account;



2. Enter the email address of the mailbox in the 'E-mail Address' field (all other fields are not required);



3. Outlook will search for the mailbox


You will see a password box -please remove the email address from the text box; you need to enter:

Your <username>

Your password

Tick remember my credentials, then click OK, then OK again on the Add account box.


(See this guide if you require further assistance with the login box)


A summary screen will display when complete;




4. Outlook will then need to be re-started, click OK;



5. The mailbox will then show in the mailbox list on the left side.




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