Access Unimail via the Windows 10 Mail App


The Windows Mail App is already included in Windows 10 and is usually a tile on the Start menu.




To be able to access your Unimail emails through this app, please follow the steps below.


1. Open the App and Select Accounts (1), then select Add account (2)



2. Click Exchange



3. Enter your student number followed by ''

If your student number is '100000005' for example, you would enter ''.



4. Click Next

5. Enter your student account password

6. Click Sign in

7. Click Sign in again and a message will show:



8. Click Advanced

9. Enter '' after your student number in the 'User name' field

10. Enter '' into the 'server' field and click Sign in again



11. A message will show informing that the account has been set up.



12. Click Done

13. A message will appear at the top of the Mail App reporting that 'Your DERBY account settings are out-of-date'

14. Select Fix Account



15. A message will show reporting that 'Something went wrong'



16. Select Continue

17. On the 'Attention required' box add on the end of your student number in the 'User name' text box, and enter your password.



18. Select Save

19. A message will show to report what policies must be enforced in Windows before using your unimail account with the Windows 10 Mail App.



20. If you agree to these changes, select Enforce these policies

21. If the following screen shows, select Yes if you would like Windows to store your password so you don't have to enter it each time you open the Mail App.




Your university email should now synchronise with the Windows 10 Mail App.




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