Panopto: Overview, Training and Advice


What is Panopto?



Panopto allows you to record audio, video and your computer screen (Powerpoint, or any software application) directly from your desktop and provides full capability for integrated playback later.
Recordings of lectures can also be made from your laptop or a classroom computer.

Videos created with external software can be uploaded into Panopto.

Benefits to using Panopto and Live Streaming

As below:

  • Capture and stream lectures
  • Stream live events in real-time (even on lower bandwidth networks)
  • Integrate with Course Resources and share with your students
  • Share the recordings with different groups including public on the web
  • Build a comprehensive video library with on-demand searchable recordings


Would you like to know more? First time users, training or advice


For training and advice on using lecture recording (including Panopto) in your programme contact Learning Enhancement:



Phone: 01332 591865


Learning Enhancement site contains various support documentation and guidance to promote learning and teaching developments, including the embedding of learning technologies.


Report an issue


If you run into any problems using Panopto please contact Learning Enhancement for advice in the first instance.


To report Panopto service or hardware issues such as the following, please contact the IT Service Centre.

  • There the a problem with audio or visual equipment in a lecture room
  • You cannot login to Panopto
  • You cannot play Panopto content on your University Workstation.
  • You get a Panopto error message.





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