Problems using the Mobile App


If you are experiencing problems with the Mobile App (eg: timetables not showing or nothing appears) then please uninstall the app and reinstall in the first instance, this should ensure the app has fully downloaded.


Timetabling specific issues

  • If the student is looking for a personalised timetable, check if they can see this in UDo. If they cannot it is likely there enrolment contains a module that has not/will not be included in the personalised timetable this year. TTU will be able to advise the student when/if they can access a personalised timetable this year
  • The student is looking for a generic timetable, currently the generic timetable is only available via UDo

Following Timetable service update 29/9/16

Should students report issues, please look for the following:

  1. No timetable icon - they are not a fitted student refer to TTU (as per first bullet above)
  2. Can see two timetable icons - please raise a call and send to BS
  3. Sessions missing from timetable does web view match, if so refer to TTU, if not refer to BS. Must check on same day and for sessions that are only run some weeks.
  4. Updates ate not showing, they will not show until tomorrow
  5. In the app just getting a loading icon, check the user has internet, if they have get them to close the app completely (to clear the app cache, some devices you need to do this in settings) if this does not work, uninstall and reinstall the app. this is last resort (some devices may need this though)
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