New Staff Temporary Account Process


The new Enigma interface allows staff to input a staff account request for a


  • temporary or contract account ( STF)
  • mentor or External Examiner account ( MENT)


(HR, 'OS' and 'extl' accounts are not included in this process.)


Requesting an Account

Any University member of staff can request a temporary staff account from the link on the IT Accounts page on Staff ID.


The direct link is

If the requester is defined as an approver for the department/college that the account is for, the account does not need to be further approved.

If the requester is not an approver, then an email is sent to the shared email address or distribution list for the selected department.

Only defined approvers can access the requests.


Approving an Account Request

The Approver's departmental shared mailbox/distribution list receives an email and the approver can follow a link which takes them into Enigma to approve the account. e.g


From: []
Sent: 06 July 2016 14:04
To: Caroline Murphy
Subject: New staff account request is awaiting approval


Dear IT Services approval team
A request to create a new Mentor account for Chris Gunter in IT Services has been submitted and is awaiting approval

To access the approval system and review approval requests please click here


Finalising an Account - IT Service Centre


Once the account is approved it is processed automatically by FIM.

An email with the account number is automatically sent to the requester and a zendesk ticket is created for the IT Service Centre to complete the account.

Completing the account includes creating a mailbox for the user ( if STF and not restricted) and provide any additional shared mailbox and shared folder access requested.

The IT Service Centre then sends the account memo to the account requester from a personal mailbox ( not from within zendesk)



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