IBM SPSS Fault Logging Procedure


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IBM SPSS Fault Logging

This document is to show the process involved in logging problems that occur with the installation and use of IBM’s SPSS statistical software.






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IBM SPSS Fault Logging

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IBM SPSS Fault Logging Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to give a guideline for submitting a service request to IBM regarding an issue with SPSS installation

This procedure is to show the process involved in logging problems occurring with the installation and use of IBM’s SPSS statistical software.




Navigate to the IBM Support home web page






From the Support shortcuts choose the Choose a product link and type in SPSS

When you return to the web page you can select the Problem resolution link in the Support shortcuts



Type in the error message you are having a problem with, this will usually sort out most common errors you will come across.

If however this does not solve the problem you may have to Open a new service request – Sign in and explain the problem you are having, giving as much detail as possible including screen grabs as necessary but particularly any error codes.

Username is

Password is University22

Once signed in enter SPSS in the keyword search and then select required Version from the list

Once this form is filled out you will receive a response in the UDo mailbox, so keep an eye on something coming in as they are pretty quick to respond.

Any emails you receive can then be copied and pasted into any Zendesk ticket that has been raised.



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