Record to the Assignment folder in Panopto


Login to the Panopto recorder before recording to Assignment folder.


 1. Load Panopto;

 2.Click on the down arrow to list folders;




3. Search, and/or select the Assignment folder using the folder (Typically, students will only see one or two folders in this view);




 Alternatively, to view subfolders, click the right arrow to open, then click on the assignments folder;





4. The folder’s name will change to the assignment folder;




5. The recorder will switch to the preview mode to show what is being Enter a name in the Name: box;




6.Click Record to start recording, then Stop to Finish;

7. Click Upload on the next screen to upload to the server;

8. You MUST WAIT until the recording has finished uploading. The progress bar will show you how much longer you have to wait.







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