Putting a lecture recording video into a module from My Folder


If you have recorded into your My Folder on Panopto, it will not appear in a module’s Lecture Recordings folder, and students will not be able to see it.


To move the recording into the module’s folder follow these steps.


Changing from My Folder to a module folder.


1.Navigate to the Panopto website: https://derby.cloud.panopto.eu;

2. Click Sign in;


3. Click Sign in again (with Course Resources selected in the 'Sign in using' box);




4. Enter your UDo username and password;

5. Click on My Folder to see the list of recordings in there;




6. Move the mouse over the video you want to move, and a set of icons appears;



7. Click on Settings;

8. Next to folder click Edit;



9. Click on the folder drop-down field;




 10. Click into the folder field, and start typing the name of the module to move the video into;




11. Choose the module from the list by clicking on it;

12. Click Save;



13. The video will now appear in the module’s Lecture Recording folder. You can also now embed the video into a course materials folder as well.


 Information provided by the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team.


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