New Staff accounts


There are two main types of user accounts:


HR accounts

Staff employed through HR will have an IT Account automatically generated and HR will send the line manager the log in details.

 The account will have been created in a holding area called ‘Staff Starter’. On the first day in the new role the new starter will need to go the library with an existing member of staff and their offer letter to collect their staff ID card – at this point the library staff can raise a request for the account to be moved to ‘Staff Standard’ to allow  log in.

If this hasn’t happened the user will not be able to login.


Temporary or Contract STAFF

For staff employed on a temporary contract there will need to be a request submitted for an account from the link on the IT accounts page:

The account request is sent to the approvers for the department or college. Once the account is approved ( or if the requester is an approver themselves ) the account will be created. The IT Service Centre will send the account details to the approver and requester once the account is finalised and any shared mailboxes access or folders access is set up.


Telephone Accounts

 Please Note: New staff do not automatically receive a telephone account – your line manager needs to request this from the link on the IT accounts page on Staff ID

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