How to Set Up Unimail on iPhone



  • iOS device with Internet Connection
  • Valid Unimail/Student Account



1. Access iPhone Settings via the Home Screen



2. Navigate the Settings and find Mail, Contacts, Calendars




3. In the Accounts section, click on Add Account...



4. From the list of options, choose Microsoft Exchange




5. You will be prompted to enter your full Unimail address and Password. Enter email address in the following format:




6. The options will expand, enter the following details NOTE: Enter your Student ID as username followed by




7. Set your desired description and then click Next


8. When correct credentials have been used, you should be prompted to choose items you wish to sync. Select your desired items and select Save



9. You have successfully set up Unimail on your iOS device.




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  • Avatar
    Gareth Morgan

    Thank you very much. It would appear I was not typing my student number in the username field and instead typing my email. Having the student number with the added confused matters. Thank you again as it is sorted now.

  • Avatar
    Samina Deen

    Worked brilliantly!

  • Avatar
    Antony Clarke

    Is the password the same as website password? I tried this but it won't work on my iPhone.

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