What to do if you get repeating Password boxes when opening Outlook


When you change your password you will get a username/password box the first time you open Outlook.

Enter your username@derby.ac.uk

Your normal password

Tick Remember my credentials


You will get a box for your account and for each shared mailbox you have access to .

If you are seeing repeated password boxes when you open Outlook  and they keep appearing even after you have entered your credentials for each shared mailbox more than a couple of times - Please try removing and re-adding any shared mailboxes on your Outlook.


There are two places you may have added shared mailboxes on your Outlook:


File > Account Settings > Account Settings

Shared mailboxes will be listed, select the shared mailbox you are getting the password box for and select remove:

To check if you have any shared mailboxes added using the delegate method:

go to

File > Account Settings > Account Settings

Select your own mailbox and click Change...

Select More Settings...


Go to the Advanced Tab.

If you have any shared mailboxes added here remove them by selecting the shared mailbox and click Remove and OK


Then close and reopen Outlook and re-add them using the method in the guide

Adding a Shared Mailbox into Outlook


You will need full access permissions to any shared/proxy mailboxes that you access in your Outlook - if you find you can't add the shared mailbox using the above method please contact the IT Service Centre ext 1234 who can check your permissions.



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