Connecting to Eduroam on Ubuntu 16.0


In an Ubuntu operating system (This was done in an Ubuntu v16 environment) after executing the CAT files that have been downloaded to your device (If this hasn’t yet been done please visit execute them via your command terminal.

Wait for it to complete i’s configuration routine, this generates all of the Eduroam settings that you will require. Unfortunately, due to Linux systems offering such a variety of different operating systems, each with their own quirks and special requirements, the CAT file may not always work straight away.

If a connection can still not be obtained, go into your Wireless settings as shown below:


Select Eduroam as your desired network. Then you should be presented with a window like this:


For a connection to take place, ensure that your device has the same values in these forms as shown.


In the above form, make sure to enter your correct staff/student username in the format of:

And your regular staff/student password



Some users find that having the CA Certificate disabled can cause an issue when connecting, so if your connection is still not working after the correct details are in place, try enabling the CA Certificate by un-ticking the No certificate required field:


Then selecting the certificate from the CAT file downloaded previously.

If by now you are still unable to connect, then the best course of action is to call IT Services on ext: 1234 and they can further assist you.



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